Due to the available expertise and knowledge in the protective coating industry, Kabecon can actively support its clients in looking for durable solutions, without losing sight of the economic aspects of the project.

Kabecon has extensive experience working with national and international coating standards and specifications, which meet the highest quality and application requirements, such as ISO 12944, NORSOK M-501, NBD, ACQPA, SHELL, TOTAL, GDF etc.
Kabecon also has thorough knowledge in the field of engineering contracts, based on design, construct & maintenance - systems engineering  or life cycle management.


Quality Assurance
Quality assurance - according to BS 4778 part 1 - is defined as: “all those systematic or planned actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that a produce or service will satisfy given requirements for quality”.

Quality Control
Quality control is defined as: “ the operational techniques and activities that are used to fulfill requirements for quality”

Kabecon has invested in the training and education of its employees in the field of corrosion protection, so today it can offer the various aspects of corrosion protection at a highly advanced level. For purposes either related to QA or QC it can rely on its in-house coating inspector, who has achieved the following levels:

  • NACE coating inspector - level 3
  • NACE coating inspector - level 2
  • ICorr painting inspector - level 3
  • ICorr fire proofing inspector - level 2
  • ICorr insulation inspector - level 2

Both the US based National Association of Corrosion Engineers - NACE - as well as the British Institute of Corrosion - ICorr -  are learned societies with worldwide recognition, offering a wide variety of training programs aimed at  corrosion control thus protecting people, assets and the environment from the effects of corrosion.

When required, Kabecon’s quality assurance staff will submit its quality procedures for approval before the start of a project and organize a kick off meeting to ensure that all parties involved have clear and achievable expectations of the final result. During production the quality is continuously monitored by the quality control staff, using high end quality control equipment as well as internationally recognized standards, such as ISO, NORSOK, NACE-SSPC  etc.